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Sprout is a VE business review platform which allows its users to express their opinions on businesses in the Virtual Enterprise network. Sprout began operations on October 2017 and is located in Brooklyn, N.Y. and possesses the legal status of a C-Corporation. Sprout’s objective is to benefit both its reviewers and VE companies. By giving users a better way to learn about and evaluate VE firms, Sprout strengthens the connection between both parties; therefore encouraging more involvement in the VE network. Sprout encourages businesses to promote themselves on its website through the various advertising packages it offers. The businesses using Sprout also have the ability to update consumers about their companies by posting new developments on their profile page.

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Website: Sproutny.org

Phone: 718-258-9283 

Fax: 718-252-2611

Address: 1600 Avenue L, Brooklyn, NY 11230

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1600 Avenue L, Brooklyn, NY 11230, USA


(718) 377-2871