BungaHigh is a Virtual Enterprise treehouse rental service. The BungaHigh wildlife experience is located on the Edisto River in South Carolina. You start off your experience by getting in a canoe and paddling down the Edisto River with your other group members. Once you get to your secluded treehouse, you will spend the rest of your stay there. Our tree houses range from sizes of smallmedium, to large. You can find more information about these on the "treehouse packages" page above. When you are in your treehouse, you can fish, canoe, hike, watch the nature around you, or even just relax. 

You may be asking yourself how we came up with the unique name of "BungaHigh". Well our research lead us to find that a "bungalow" is a house that is located low to the ground. Our tree houses are the exact opposite of that! So, we switched out the "low" for "high" to give these tree houses a unique twist. 

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