Kiwi Tech
KiwiTech was born out of a classroom full of Cisco students. we found it would fit to run a business with the strengths in computer networking and hardware repair. After transitioning from the Cisco program and entering V.E., The name Kiwi Tech came from the kiwi bird. What the kiwi represents is a bird that despite having no wings it is fast and smart and will never make the same mistakes twice. Using the latest methods and up to date electronics we will keep your business moving at the speed of technology. Part of moving at the speed of technology is fast and efficient customer service. Our techs will be available face to face assistance in person as well as outside of our local area. We provide remote access repairs where we will gain access to your computer from any location to run diagnostics and decide what type of repairs are necessary.

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Phone: (718)420-2613

Fax: (718)420-2613

Address: ​290 Saint Marks Place
  Staten Island, N.Y 10301

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