Elysium was founded on the fundamental mission of providing internet service to those with inadequate access.

     Elysium, when entering the ISP industry, discovered that not all parts of the nation have adequate internet coverage. In fact, 45% of rural households in the United State cannot connect to the internet. We immediately began searching for a way to improve this outspoken issue and found Microsoft’s “Rural Broadband Initiative”: a program started in twelve states that uses White Spaces, frequencies in televisions and radios, to provide reliable internet to those who did not have access before. 

     We aim to reach a widespread geographic location in hopes of connecting our customers with fast, reliable internet no matter where they are. So Elysium will donate 22% of our profits to the initiative, as a greater connected country provides countless benefits not just for the ISP and smart product industries, but for the national economy as a whole.

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